Outstanding Quality

Quality and Health and Safety Certifications

ASISPA holds the following Quality certificates, guaranteeing that our entire operating methodology complies with duly documented performance criteria. Our system is externally audited each year to verify that our organisation complies with the highest standards.

ASISPA ISO 9001 Quality Certifications

This standard specifies the requirements necessary to demonstrate the ability of the organisation to provide conforming services. These requirements are focused on preventing non-conformities and achieving customer satisfaction through the application of the system and continuous improvement.
ASISPA has certified its Quality Management System by Certificación y Confianza Cámara S.L.U (Cámara Certifica), in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard.

ASISPA has certified its Quality Management System by Certificación y Confianza Cámara S.L.U (Cámara Certifica), in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard.
RE_MARCA certificacion UNE 158101-baja
TAD_MARCA certificacion UNE 158401-baja
SAD_MARCA certificacion UNE 158301-baja
CD_MARCA certificacion UNE 158201

ASISPA UNE 158000 Quality Certifications

Parallel to the integrated management system, in June 2010, ASISPA implemented and obtained the corresponding certificates, the UNE 158000 series standards for each of the services.

The UNE certifications of the 158000 series can be found in the website section for each of the centres.


EFQM Self-Assessment

Considering that Quality is a constant commitment for ASISPA, both as a strategy to improve performance and in order to enhance continuous improvement, the Self-assessment process was developed according to the EFQM Model of excellence. With this self-assessment we have progressed in our quality management system, continuing with the ongoing improvement of our processes in order to boost the satisfaction of all stakeholders: users, families, employees, public bodies, suppliers, society, partners…
In 2014, ASISPA carried out a second Self-Assessment, using the Profile Tool and the advice of an accredited Licensee.

EFQM Self-Assessment – More than 600 points.

ASISPA has relied on the advice of an authorised Licensee from “Calidad y Gestión Consultores”. Certificate issued on 12/11/2014.


ISO 22320: 2011 Standard for Emergency Management, Protection and Safety of citizens.

In ASISPA we have implemented and integrated into our Management System, the ISO 22320:2011 standard for Emergency Management, Protection and Safety of citizens. ISO 22320:2011 is a management tool to guarantee a correct response to an emergency situation, based on the participation of public and private entities, thus being able to contribute to save lives, reduce damage and guarantee the continuity of basic services.
It gathers good practices to enable the upholding of order and organisational control over structures and procedures, decision making, traceability and information management during incident-emergency management.

ASISPA is certified according to ISO 22320: 2011, issued by Cerne since December 2014. The current certificate is valid until January 2021.


OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Certificate

In 2005, ASISPA developed a Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST), in accordance with the needs of workers and adjusted to the characteristics our activities. It goes beyond isolated actions; health and safety actions are integrated into the provision of services in order to provide all health, hygiene and safety requirements with the aim of comprehensively protecting the worker’s well-being.

This prevention management system is endorsed by the Legal Prevention Audit, and by the certification of the voluntary implementation of the OHSAS Standard 18001: 2007 (Health and Safety Assessment Series) – certified by an external auditor under the criteria of ENAC-.

Since 2005, the OHSAS 18001 Standard has been accredited by ENAC, which is an international specification that defines the requirements for the establishment, implementation and operation of an effective SG-SST. This certification has been continuously reissued to ASISPA since then. The current certification is valid until January 11, 2021.

Our organisation has its own Health and Safety Prevention Service (Mancomunado de ASISPA y Entidades participadas) that takes care of the technical requirements of Industrial Hygiene, Work Safety, Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology. For enhancing Workplace Health (Health Monitoring), ASISPA works with an External Prevention Service, which actively collaborates with our own Prevention Service and with the Mutual.

ASISPA has adhered to the Diversity Charter since 2016 to encourage its commitment to:

  • Fundamental principles of equality
  • Respecting the right of inclusion of all persons in the work environment and in society, regardless of their personal characteristics.
  • Recognition of the advantages offered by the inclusion of cultural, demographic and social diversity in your organisation
  • Implementation of concrete policies to foster a work environment free from prejudices in regard to employment, training and promotion
  • Promotion of non-discrimination programmes for disadvantaged groups

The seal was renewed in 2018 for a period of two years.