Homeless Shelters


Our Homeless Shelters offer their users professional support and the means to allow them to advance in their personal process towards social integration. ASISPA’s Professionals provide comprehensive and continuous care, with the main objective of facilitating the acquisition of the tools, skills, and strategies necessary to becoming independent.

During their stay at our shelters users are provided with a comprehensive network of services including basic lodging, meals, health care, and psycho-social support by our specialised staff, all the necessary tools for changing the course of their lives.

ASISPA cares for individuals who are temporarily staying at Homeless Shelters (Barcelona’s City Council’s) through two different programmes, on the basis of respect for differences and individualised attention according to each person’s needs.


For more information or queries please do not hesitate to contact us, our support team will gladly be of assistance. You can reach us at 91 195 00 95, or send us your inquiry through our contact form by clicking on “contact” below.