Day Care Centres


Day Care Centres are a therapeutic alternative for older people with some degree of physical or cognitive dependence, which offer, through a daytime programme, specialised care with a preventive and rehabilitative purpose, in order to maintain, preserve and / or improve their functionality in their day-to-day environment, and to support the family, facilitating the social and working life of its members.

Bringing together the concepts of “quality and humane approach” ASISPA provides specialised interdisciplinary services:

  • Social, health, preventive and rehabilitative care
  • Support to families and / or caregivers
  • Hygiene and personal care
  • Adapted Transport
  • Food and nutrition

Through the ACP model, ASISPA offers a methodological intervention approach, in which the person is at he centre of the organisation and its activity. We offer a set of specialised techniques and instruments that facilitate personalised comprehensive care, through a direct and personalised intervention, as a means to foster the improvement of the person’s quality of life and their perception of their own well-being. Their individual freedom is promoted, respecting their desires and their way of thinking and living, facilitating the necessary support to continue with their life project, strengthening their abilities and considering their limitations and need for care.

Private centres by ASISPA


Madrid – Javier


Madrid – Virgen de África


Madrid – Nueva Edad


Alcalá de Henares – El Val


Sevilla – Triana

Public day care centres operated by ASISPA


Madrid – Municipality Centres

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